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If there is one thing I have the strongest distaste for, it wouldn't compare to the hate I have for being swallowed up in fucking drama.

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As it has been quite some time since my last update, I will bullet recent events and continue on the road to long entries shortly thereafter. This entry will only consist of bulleted events, as I have neither the patience or the proper snack food to sit down and write for three hours.

- I still work at SabeRex, various friends have come in and out. Kyle got fired [or quit], Bryan, Jake, Claire, Nicole, Bev [Evil], Emily [the newest friend], and more have worked and either got fired or left. Other workers, including Ivan have made the place so much fun to work in, and I am blessed to have met these people.

- Moved in to the apartment with Adam, and recently got the internet working. Been living here for about two months now, and with an always constant supply of alcohol, it tends to be somewhat of a gathering spot. Rumors have risen that almost caused us to get evicted. Since when did I look like a crack dealer? Also, who would ever accuse a nerd like Adam of dealing hard drugs. The nerd card plays in your favor, don't be offended. If he reads this, he can just walk in my room and have sex on my bed. There, with the insult, I gave him a good revenge, run with it.

- I didn't go to DefCon

- Kyle and I apparently had a falling out again, without my knowledge. The boy thinks too much with a negative mind. I still consider him a friend, if the feeling isn't shared then my apologies. Though, if you feel compelled to insult my personality and make references to whom I remind you of on occasion, be aware that I am not going to change myself to make your life easier. That is directed to humanity, if you don't like it, fuck off.

- I recently had a talk with my Father about how glad I am him and I have a healthy relationship now, and I can really consider him a good friend and a good Father. Doesn't seem like much to you I am sure, but it means a hell of a lot to me.

- My aunt Sue is moving here for a year because my uncle is in training to go to Iraq. I will try my best to spend a lot of time with my family over the next year. It will be an experience to cherish as I will be watching my cousin grow a little more.

Aside from that, nothing too extreme has happened. I have been going through a lot of self-analysis times, and I have determined that a lot of people I once considered friends, are kind of shitheads. I have no complaints though, so long as I can smile and get on I will be content.


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I'll update soon, once my computer decides whether or not it does or doesn't hate me.

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Holy hell! That is probably the best suitable phrase for my passed few weeks. My many a sorry for not updating the journal, but after this if you’re still feeling empty inside [due to lack of Jaweshome] feel free to leave a nasty comment giving a detailed response [including obscenities preferably] of how you have felt neglected, rejecting and lost. I will then leave you a message depending on your comment that will either say, “Get over it.” or, “Sorry, bag of douche.” Unless of course I feel you genuinely express said emo feelings above. Back to business, I understand that it has been a while since the last update [which means this probably won’t be read unless I tell you about its being written], but I will make sure to fill you in on as much as is allowed [by law and memory]. However, this is an update that will contain a fair amount of stories, so as to better organize my thoughts, I will think of it as chapters or separated parts to create a whole story. What you are reading right now would technically be construed as the introduction, if I remember correctly. Thank you to all of my English teachers, your lessons have brightened my future and shown me that I can almost write the language out without any grammatical errors. Also, thank you Microsoft Word for doing the same damn thing. I can gladly say I was not the one who said, “Is our children learning?” Now, let’s break this shit down into a table of contents.

- Introduction
- Work, Kyle’s first day, and then some
- Partying with the sister
- Going to Déjà vu for the first time
- More work, shitty jokes, wrecks and Mexicans
- Making plans for Friday, then Friday
- Working a Saturday, What the fuck?!
- Graduation parties, Rocky Horror Picture Show
- And then some, Closing
- Tata

Work, Kyle’s First Day, And Then Some

I woke up on Monday knowing that today would be Kyle’s first day working with me [I get friends jobs, call me generous]. So, almost enthusiastic, I got ready and took the bus as usual to work. Usually being the first person to arrive, I found myself sitting in an empty room for well over thirty minutes with nothing to do. After a while, people starting coming in and we would communicate based on what Spanish I had learned at the time. This was probably Good morning, and maybe How are you. Didn’t seem to be a good idea to ask how they were though, considering their responses usually caused confusion. About five minutes prior to work actually starting, I noticed through the office window a boy wearing all black waving at me. I waved back and stood up to walk over to the office. The closer I got there; I came to realize there were two other people starting that day as well. One of these people looked incredibly familiar, and I was unable to put my finger on it for a while. She was tall and skinny, and damn I knew the face but I couldn’t put my fucking finger on it [I don’t know about you, but when that happens to me its like torture]. Kyle left the office and we started talking, and then soon after I was told that I would be the one teaching the boy how to work at Saberex. Exciting to say the most, I was tired and I didn’t feel like working. Then said tall skinny familiar face girl came out and I then realized it was a friend from MySpace that I had told the job about four days before. Almost an odd situation being that it was my first time meeting her. “I am guessing you are CB?” “Yes”. Sweet [I thought], now I don’t look like a jackass. Luckily Claire is pretty damn awesome, and get this, she never wears the same socks [that’s right]. Well I showed Kyle the program, and it went that way for about two weeks [but let’s not jump ahead you eager little tykes]. We worked our way until Saturday, having discussions, debates and maybe little tiffs. It’s almost a problem when you get two very opinionated people together. Kyle and I used to see eye to eye with a lot of things, but alas growing up has caused both of us to develop new understandings to certain situations. Bringing up Suicide Girls was almost a big mistake, because God knows I love debating over that for almost an hour. N offense to Kyle and if he reads this I hope he can sit back and at least be opened minded, but damn he is hard to talk to sometimes. I am sure I am the same way, which is what happens when you have an opinion to defend, especially if you feel personally about it. Of course, the Suicide Girls talk got me called a creep a few times, but if that is his opinion, I will let him have fun with that. I tried telling him how I saw it and how none of it makes me sick and perverted, but I know he hasn’t changed his opinion of me. It is slightly insulting, because in some respects it shows what he really thinks of me, which doesn’t seem to be much. Hurtful, yes, but I have gotten over it and he can feel however he wants to about me. I am as easy to detach as a strap-on.

Partying With The Sister

As some of you are aware, it is graduation season. This of course means there will be graduation parties [otherwise known as the ‘lets get wasted, I am developing a tolerance for college’]. My sister Nikki had been going to them almost every night since her graduation, and I must admit having never gone to one [I was some kind of shithead] I was incredibly curious. So, one night Nikki had a bunch of her friends over at the house. I knew when one would come in, because the screaming got louder [gossip is loud, did you know?]. I was playing my guitar when the first batch arrived, and Nikki felt compelled to introduce them to me. Eventually I turned off my guitar and went upstairs; I think originally to grab some food. In the kitchen, you could hear very well the discussion at hand. Boyfriends, and taking breaks [there is irony in that], and I suppose they all felt compelled to scream the conversation. Maybe they were trying to get my attention, have you ever done that before? I have had occasions where I will up my volume to make it known what I am talking about, whether I want to watch people get uncomfortable or join in. Well, I joined in and got asked a bunch of questions that almost all started with, “Hey, you’re a guy.” [I’m going to go get some food, don’t ask why I am telling you] Anyway, I answered to the best of my capabilities, and they seemed pleased so two smiley faces for me. I made mention then about how if I were allowed to join in the partying, I would. Nikki then insisted I join her that night. I agreed, and off we went. Once we got into the car, I lit up a cigarette [it’s the annually party starter]. Nikki didn’t seem to care, though she said it was really odd seeing me smoke. It had been a really stressful week though; I think I went through two packs that week [which is a lot for me. So you understand better, compare it to my usual. A pack will usually last me a month or more]. Society got it right again, first with stereotypes [I hate stereotypes. People who claim to this should analyze themselves, as well as people around them. There wouldn’t be stereotypes if there weren’t a bunch of fucking people just like you. Get it? Idiot] and now with smoking [relieves me of stress]. Needless to say, the night was a bust. I ended up getting stoned [and it was a bummer high too], as well as downing some whiskey and hypnotic. That may sound like a good night to you, but I was running around in the condition, and all I wanted to do was go to sleep. Eventually we did get home, and I just fell into my bed and flew away.

Going To Déjà vu For The First Time

I was out of it for a while after I woke up. This was the day after going out with the sister. I honestly don’t remember anything up until getting a ride to Borders to meet up with Adam and Lindsey. They had just gotten there when I did, so I sort of snuck up on them and agreed with Adam on something to make it known that I had arrived. I was glad to have met up at Borders because I just received my paycheck and I was looking forward to purchasing the Suicide Girls book. After making my purchase and then wandering around the store for a little bit, I made mention of the possibility that my sister may be going to Déjà vu since it was her birthday. Adam immediately began formulating a massive plan that would take little preparation but would pay off in the end. The plan consisted of going to Déjà vu, and making my sister as uncomfortable as possible. Through basic ‘who else could come’ conversations, we got well over five people to agree to go with us. After a few hours of just hanging out the three of us, we got in the car and made our way to Déjà vu. Now, for those of you who are unaware [because you don’t live close to one, or you are mentally handicapped], Deja is a strip club that is eighteen and older. This is also a strip club where it isn’t just tops off, it’s full nudity. Sounds intriguing, wouldn’t you say? I would. After getting lost, maybe three times, we found our way to Deja. We were waiting in the parking lot for some friends, who were also getting lost as well. I don’t usually receive a lot of phone calls on my cell phone, but sitting in that parking lot I got maybe three. After the rest of the party arrived we entered the lair. Keep in mind, I am slightly nervous not just because it’s my first time, but because I run the risk of seeing my sister when I am trying to get nudie action. Imagine the odd in that, sit back and contemplate it. I’ll give you a minute. All right, it’s pretty fucking bizarre the situation I was in. Luckily though, she was not there, so I had a huge weight lifted off of me after being there for about an hour. The place is really interesting, aside from analyzing the girls dancing, I was looking at the people watching them. Adam ended up getting a lap dance from Athena, who is by far the best looking girl there. She is a Suicide Girl actually. Adam had given me forty dollars, which I had to eventually use twenty of to get a lap dance. Those were the rules; if I didn’t get one then my name would go down in the ‘free to insult constantly book.’ I couldn’t allow this to happen. There is one larger girl who dances there, very unattractive and very big. I had to avoid her at all costs, so I went with the next best thing [which is bad if you think about it]. I got a lap dance from a blonde [I don’t like blondes] who had large breasts [I don’t like large breasts. My comfort zone is between A and low C] and looked thirty something. She ended up kissing my ear, which led me to have a conversation with her while she gave me a lap dance. Needless to say, I didn’t even get an erection, and I think she noticed. I suppose I am very particular about the girls I want laying naked on me. Shortly after that, we left and went back to Adams house [it’s the base, obviously] and enjoyed the stories. He enjoyed my bad lap dance; I enjoyed the ability to tell a great story about a shitty lap dance. I should have gone with the fatso in retrospect, imagine how much greater of a story that would have been.

More Work, Shitty Jokes, Wrecks And Mexicans

What do you call a sheep with no legs? A cloud. Pete and Repeat were on a boat; Pete fell off who was left? What did the worm say to the caterpillar? Where did you get that fur coat? So, the seal walks into the club. These are the jokes we use around work. Eventually we will expand on them so much we will write a Saberex Jokes book and it will sell millions throughout the country. Look for it in your local Barns N’ Nobles and/or Borders. More work, the whole entire week with spread rumors about the possibility of us having to come in on Saturday as well. There were more talks/ debates/ tiffs with Kyle, which is to be expected now. Overall though, the work remained easy and I still have no complaints about the job. Even if the computer crashes for two hours, I am getting paid to watch the mangers run about trying to figure out the problem. Enjoying life, that is me. Lunch has become somewhat of a new experience though. I have stopped packing my lunches for right now, due to my being lethargic and unmotivated. A large group of employees can be seen during lunchtime now going to the gas station to get food. I can’t begin to imagine how much money that station is making off of us. One day though, Kyle and I were obsessing over the idea of driving to Hebron to get some Arbys for lunch. When lunch rolled around, we scurried off and in our excitement jumped in the car and began our quick drive. Of course, if we didn’t have bad luck we wouldn’t have any luck at all. We got on the highway going the wrong way. After turning around, we built up the excitement again. Then, some old lady cut us off and we rear-ended her. This caused us to sit to the side of the highway waiting for a cop well passed out allotted lunchtime. There was no damage to either car, but the old lady was trying to fake injuries, and it was obvious. Kyle and I both agreed on that, and when we can agree on something, it must be true. Well, eventually we got out of there, and there was no way we would let this stop us from getting food. We went to Arbys and ate in. Now, this had already been the more strange lunch break ever, but there are significant events that took place in all areas of our trip. On the side of the road, the cop was pulling up our records in his car, when out of nowhere two more cars park further down the strip on the side of the road. An old man and a man I swear was very drunk or stoned were having problems. The problem was, the old guy hit a kid on a bike, and pretty much left the kid. The officer sent us off and I am assuming dealt with that. At Arbys, an employee that was about to leave felt compelled to rant to me about how she hates her job. She went on for about twenty minutes, and if that wasn’t bad enough, she had the most disgusting teeth I have ever seen. It was rough, and I was glad to get out of there. I just wanted to get back to work where I could ask more Mexicans about Spanish, and learn how to say things that would [for some reason or another] make them laugh.

Making Plans For Friday, Then Friday

I think the plans originally consisted of, get John [El Douschebag] as fucked up as possible and take him to a dance club, watch the fun unfold and then talk about it for years. However, this is what ended up happening. We met up late, and the group consisted of Adam, Jake, John and myself. Plenty of class A cigarettes were purchased, and we were to set sail for Deja yet again. This part of the plan about to take place, I honestly didn’t enjoy and I ended up feeling really depressed because I think it worried me so much. We [including the driver] and smoked out in the car on the highway. This was not a good idea, and I think al parties would agree to that. Luckily, we got to the club fine, and entered. I didn’t get a lap dance this time, because I had twenty bucks that was meant to last me for a week. Jake and Adam ended up going to the VIP room, and I still haven’t been able to figure out what happened back there. I have gotten small bits of information out of them though. John spent over two hundred dollars that night trying to get pleasure from one of the ugliest strippers there in my opinion. John stoned is by far dealing with the most annoying human being on the planet. He doesn’t shut up, he always makes it known he is stoned, and he gets way to close to you. I spent most of the night watching Adam and Jake in action, working on one of the most brilliant reuses I have ever heard of. Luckily, I have become a part of it, fun for the whole family. What is this reuses you ask? Well, I would love to tell you all the dirty little secrets, but instead I will have to tell you to go fuck yourself. After leaving, we made John sleep in a parking lot, while we went and slept in the Saberex parking lot.

Working A Saturday, What The Fuck?!

Correct, we stayed out and got messed up while fully aware of the fact that we had to work the next day. About three hours or sleep later, we are awake and making our way to work. I cannot remember a single moment about that day at work. I have been able to put some pieces together, but overall from seven until two is a blur. Did you hope to receive a long description of what happened? No, you don’t have a night like that and expect me to be fucking Superman the next day.

Graduation Parties, Rocky Horror Picture Show

After getting picked up from work, we made our way back home to prepare for my sisters graduation party. Now keep in mind, I am very messed up still for some reason or another. I get a shower after eating some food, and I start feeling a little bit better. By the time I get out of the shower, a few family members had shown up. Adding to the fun of course. Though, my favorite cousin David was there and we had it planned for me to attempt to beat Sephiroth on Kingdom Hearts since it had been so long since I had played. Adam and I attempted this a week before, and failed miserably. I was sober then, but I was messed up with David. I beat the shit out of Sephiroth. He didn’t stand a chance. Take that Lance Bass. Obviously, I am awesome. [try to understand how I did it; I am still trying to figure it out]. The party was pretty fun; we listened to some techno because I made Jordan get the CD. Then a bunch of Nikkis friends started showing up, and which point a small group of us decided we would rather go see Silent Hill at the cheap theaters. I had previously had the night open to see Adam if any plans were to go down. Right before we left to go to the theater, I got a call from Adam saying we were going to see the midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Being loyal to my plans, I ditched seeing Silent Hill [I have seen it anyway. It’s good though], and got ready for quite an experience. We got to the theater about an hour early, so we got our tickets and then made out way to Skyline. This hour was spent mostly with conversation between Adam and I about renting a house once he gets a raise, and turning it into the best fucking house ever. A lot of what we were talking about was in our budget though, so I am very excited for that to happen. We paid for our food, and made our way back up to the theater. A crowd had formed, and I thought to myself, “I usually get along with these people.” I was asked if it was my first time, and avoided somehow getting the Virgin sticker the first time, but they caught me the second time. Being a Virgin at one of these shows basically means you will have to get in front of everyone and do something that will most likely embarrass you. Once we entered the theater, the called up a bunch of Virgins, and I was not one of them. I thought I was in the safe. Until someone said they would bring up one more Virgin if someone sacrificed them. Adam immediately made it more than obvious I was there, and I had to go up front. My task was to fake an orgasm. It started out very good I think, I heard laughter. But a male orgasm isn’t too interesting to be honest. Oh well, I was accepted into the family, and we proceeded to watch the movie. I really enjoyed it; the movie would have been terrible without the audience. I am planning on going back every other Saturday, feel free to join sometime. I’ll end up cross-dressing more and more every time. If you are a Virgin though, I will make it known.

And Then Some, Closing

This week has essentially consisted of me working my ass off. I am trying to make myself seem more like a boss, try and better my work ethic. After hearing that they are planning to expand, I was told via Adam that it would probably mean some kind of promotion/ raise for me. That is very exciting news, especially when I plan on moving out within the next month of so. I am surprised I was able to sit down for this long and write out everything that I had planned on writing. Well, now you are all caught up. Tomorrow I am helping Nicole move in a little bit, and I am sure some kind of plans will be made. Now, let’s go look at Suicide Girls as much as possible, for four dollars a month I am going to that page as much as possible. By the way, my family is now aware of my future intentions with Photography, and they don’t agree but they won’t stop me, which is more than I expected from them to be honest. In other news, The Omen was hilarious, and check this out. Always good news in Joshland. I am just going to do the spelling and grammar check; I don’t feel like reading this.


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It appears as though [with a little My Space Blog help] this journal is actually being read now. I understand in my last post I mentioned how I wouldn't hold anything back, and you would all have to learn how to deal with it or don't read the journal. Aside from the fact that my statement remains true, when a journal entry means my general safety it becomes necessary to censor some of what is written. Kind of a disappointment actually, considering I will have to make a Private post containing all the information this Public post wasn't able to consist of. If you end up being incredibly curious as to what did happen in its entirety, asking me in person would seem to be the only way to receive that information; even then I might refuse [depending on who is asking. Yes, you are all split up by 'Degrees Of Friendship.' Don't be shocked; I assure you everyone does it to a certain extent.] to tell you. I also want to make it known that I have the IP Addresses of everyone who has looked and read my journal, and if a situation requires me to take [legal] action against someone, I will not hesitate to do so. All the "I Am The Boss, So Suck My Toes!" mentality aside now, this should make for an interesting entry considering.

Before getting into what actually took place, it would seem fit to mention what the plans were going to be prior to their actually taking place. Listing them 'would make life a whole lot easier.' So I will do that.

- Friday after work go back to Adams, and then after said crew gets together, go get a hotel room and stay the night there.
- Wake up on Saturday, preferably early and set sail [or driving wheel] for Chicago.
- Spend the day in Chicago, wandering about until later on that night, then getting prepared.
- Venture over to Wonderland Massive. A little background information on Wonderland Massive is this: Every year Wonderland Massive throws four huge raves throughout the year. The first one taking place in Chicago. These raves are the biggest on the Mid-eastern/Eastern side of the States. Imagine [if you will] a warehouse full of people from wall to wall. Six or seven relatively known DJ's among the group [Ravers/ DJ/ Techno fans] and nearly a million dollars in lighting effects. It's intense to say the least.
- Stay there until the sun rises the next day, then stumble back to Jordan’s car and sleep off whatever was in our system.
- Wake up and go back home and get ready for work on Monday.

Those were the plans, and before you get all "Blindy is a stupid drugged up loser and I hope he dies in public" be aware the A, that statement is hardly true and B, half of said plans actually came true. Oh, and C, I think a druggie [and it's debatable] would more qualify as someone who desires drugs on a daily basis; which I am far from. I don't condone the use of drugs [that doesn't mean I am against it], and I will certainly not shove anything down your throat, I am more compassionate than that. Therefore, if you call me a druggie, I reply with a cold yet firm "Fuck you." Finding my tracks again [I really have a tendency to branch off, which I am going to assume makes these entries more entertaining for you], those plans were hardly set in stone, and Wonderland Massive was nearly an impossibility since our only ride was not very much of a 'raver' fellow. Needless to say, I was incredibly excited even having a chance of going. My first rave being the largest one on this side of the United States, what else could you feel aside from excitement [and maybe a little fear, which eventually with thought can subside into anticipation]? My entire week had been building up to the weekend, since Adam and I had been talking about it every break at work. All plans aside, Nick was going to be in town, which always adds a little flavor to our adventures [or misadventures]. Even though, with Nick out of the picture, Adam and myself have gotten ourselves into some nasty situations, which then found their way back to my old High School in the form of a rumor. How that came about I am still unsure, but it is interesting to have people come up to you and ask where you were hiding for two weeks. Alright, I have to tell the story now. Keep a reminder in your head that I am about to start getting into what actually happened over the weekend. But first, let's talk about past fun times with Adam and rumors starting up at a school I haven't been inside since I graduated. Alright, so about three or four months back, Adam, Randy, John and myself were wandering around the abandoned trainyard that Adam, Fr3aky H3r0, Elusive and I visited a month before then after a DC859 meet. We went to the top of one of the buildings, smoked, then decided it would be a good time to leave since it was somewhere around ten degrees outside. When we were walking back to Randy’s car, there was a police officer waiting there for us [I guess he saw us walking back]. We get to the car, and we give the cop all of our Identification Cards, and he checks all of us. After getting all of us cleared, he pats us down [I don't know if this is standard. He had no reason to pat us down] Then he searches the car. We didn't lie; we said we were in the trainyard just looking around. After that nasty scenario, a good month goes by. I am hanging out with Kyle, and we decide to go up to Boone to see Annie when she gets out. I am naturally excited because I [for some odd reason] get a lot of hugs when the school lets out. So, we wait outside, then all the students start pouring out. About three or four people came up to me, and all of them had this same exact story to get my clarification on. "Josh! How are you doing? I heard about what happened to you, is everything alright. People have been telling me that you got pulled over with a bunch of your friends a while back, and you were really drunk. They said that when the officer walked over to you, you offered him some rum. What was it like in jail?" At this time, I decided it would be wise to set the record straight and let them know that it was only a rumor that got started somehow. Here is what doesn't make sense to me, I told no one about that, yet somehow a massive rumor got started at the school. There is more though friends. About three weeks to a month ago I was at the mall with Sara and one of her friends. In Spencers I ran into an old friend from school who happens to still be going there. She asked about rumor number one, and I denied its truth and continued to tell her the real story. Then out of nowhere she goes into this description of rumor two, and I have no idea how this even got started. Here is said rumor two: "Now they are saying that not too long ago you were in some really big trouble with the cops, and it was so bad that you had to literally vanish for about three weeks. No one knows what you did, but everyone just knows it was really bad and you could be going to jail for a long time if the cops find you. What happened?" At his point I felt mildly compelled to go along with this rumor considering the gap could have been filled with anything at that point. However, fighting my urge to blow this rumor out of proportion, I said that it was not true. I also like the fact that after I vanished for three weeks trying to escape the cops, I am found in a public mall. I guess the cops stop looking really hard after week three. I did however tell her to really spread the hell out of that rumor just to see where it goes. In a month or so, I will be getting asked if I fucked a whore in the back of a cop car or something.

Back to Friday. I can't really recall what happened during work, I guess the anxiety build up was so intense anything prior to the event that day was forgotten. After work though, we went back to Adams house, assuming the crew would show up in the next few hours. When we got to his house, Nicole was waiting in the driveway, and she came inside with us. We went up to The Smoking Room, and Adams Mother joined us soon thereafter. I was holding a cigarette at the time, and she found it hilarious the thought of me smoking. So, after a few random talks based off of cigarettes in general, we began looking for a cheap but decent hotel room. After little deliberation, we decided to go with the hotel where the famous NudeyCon took place [also a very popular story at Boone I have heard]. Nicole made the reservations with her credit card, then left. Adam and I had a good amount of time to waste away in waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive. We saw watching episodes of South Park to be the only perfect solution. After maybe two episodes, John [El Douschebag] got there acting stoned but being sober as always. Shortly thereafter, Nick arrived, and the fun began. Of course, we had to watch another episode of South Park, one that would set the overall tone of the night. That episode being the introduction of Towely. After that we packed up and got ready to leave for the hotel [sort of].

When we got done packing, we had three bags, every cigarette we could find, a Dance Dance Revolutions pad, and some other materials. Preparing to leave the house, Adams Mom essentially corners Nick and begins going on about this book she read about vampires. She asked me if I have ever felt like a demon was watching me or something and my response was along the lines of, “I never really pay attention if they are.” During this time, Nick and I were shooting looks to each other, that only two close friends could tell meant ‘what the fuck?’ After escaping from that awkward situation, we all jumped inside of John’s car. Now, for the sake of the story this fact is essential. Mind you, I don’t care what you think, so if you don’t like it, find a high building, and see if gravity applies to you. There were illegal substances in our possession at the time, and here is why that is an important fact. The car we are in has windows that are tinted two points past what the law allows, and one of the headlights are out. This is a car the cops are required to pull over, and this is our transportation. If you ask me why someone would have a car like that, my response would be, “Its John.” So, it would be wise of you not to bother asking me. We had to make a stop by McDonalds so those who had cravings could fulfill it to the greatest extent. We got our nourishment, amongst other things and left to go to the hotel. We successfully got there without any trouble at all [kind of ironic considering how lucky we tend to be]. Once we got to the hotel, my intentions were to take a shower, however alas that never happened. Right away we got down to business. That business being make Nick lose his ability to retain any sanity at all whatsoever. Within the first hour, it was Adam, John, Nick, Brian, Tony and myself in the room smoking a lot of cigarettes [I smoked over twenty I think], and waiting for Nick to start freaking out. This eventually did happen, and to such an extreme, none of us had any idea he would react the way he did. I got two recordings of him on my cell phone, both of which have become ‘must listens’ once you hear the story. If I can figure out how to upload audio clips form my cell phone to the internet, I will eventually put them on this journal. For myself, the night is all clear up until a point, then it gets really fuzzy. I do however recall giving Adam twenty dollars for the room when I had a ten in my wallet and he only needed ten. But apparently I saved the day with that twenty, so once again I am generous in all states. I am also sure that sometime during the night, Adam, John, Brian, Tony, Nick, Jordan, Dustin and me were all in the room. Around two in the morning we all went to sleep. The next morning, we all packed up and left. Adam and myself went back to his house and just spent the whole day relaxing and recalling the events that took place. We also went to Lindsey’s to hang out for a bit, which is where I watched her brother play Kingdom Hearts II for about an hour. A damn fine adventure indeed. I spent the night at Adams again, and the next morning was Mothers day so I made sure to wake up early and have Father come get me. When he did, we went to Walgreens so I could get her a card. From this point on, the weekend was pretty much over. We ended up not going to Wonderland Massive, which in all honesty I am still happy about how the weekend turned out. It was the most fun I have had in a while, and it adds a few new stories to the list.

Monday I can’t really recall what happened, I know I went to work and I am assuming it was boring as always. Adam told me that on Tuesday we were going to the Esquire after work to see the new Bettie Page movie, which was really exciting. When I got home from work, plans were made between Brandi, Nikki and myself on the spot [which always happens, we are impulsive]. We ended up going shopping because I had money from my check which needed to be used on very important materials. I needed a new pair of pants, food, and a new object of entertainment. The pants came cheap, and have become a favorite pair of mine [which is odd considering they aren’t black. Maybe I am growing out of my Emo/ Goth/ Idiot phase? I kind of hope so.] Tuesday work was pretty much the same as it always is, monotonous but oddly not nearly as boring as all of the other jobs I have had. Afterward Adam, Jordan and I went to see the movie. It was actually a very good movie [though I assumed it would be], and the girl who plays Bettie looks just like her. I highly recommend you go see it if it is playing in a theater near you. The rest of the weekend basically consisted of me going to work, coming home and resting. Tonight [Friday] I ended up drinking a decent amount of alcohol with my Mother and Brandi. I ended up being the official drink mixer for the night, which was really exciting actually. I think I had all of the following.

- Jack Daniels straight [One shot, then realized I needed to mix it with something]
- Jack and Pepsi [One cup, my favorite of the night]
- Rum and Coke [One cup and drinks from everyone else’s]
- Tequila and Mountain Dew [one cup, not very good]

I ended up feeling a slight buzz, which went away really fast. Though I have to admit, Dane Cook was a bit funnier than usual. This is the second time I have written this entry; hence it’s taking so long to make it to my journal. If you actually spent the time to read this entry word for word, you are now an honorary member of the ‘El Journal Complaintos’ club. Congratulations.


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Now would be a decent time to update, I have nothing to do obviously. Let's start off with one of those 'I was thinking' paragraphs. We are going to travel back in time massive audience of mine. All the way back to the seventh grade. Now, in the last post, I thanked the beautiful Malice for inspiring me with an over-abundance of thought which continued to spawn into an extended realization of why I was the way I once was. In this post, we can visit those years which I love to gladly call 'shit.' The seventh grade rolls around, I am assuming you are about eleven or twelve by then. It was that age in a persons life, where they want to become independant [unless you suck], and start developing the muscle that will one day allow them to make difficult decisions in the future. I found myself in this exact position, which caused a great deal of confusion with the parentals considering they essentially treated me like a cripple [which lets face it, I am not really a cripple. Stephen Hawking, cripple] up until this age of rebellion. I specifically recall being greatly insulted once for wanting to walk to Kyles house, maybe a ten minute walk away. Their defense was they didn't want me crossing the streets, because when half blind people who can see far enough away step on to the road, their liver melts. Bit of information for you. Well, as you can see I did get pissed off about this, because I was [A] rebellious, and [B] attempting to break free from the incredibly tight hold my parents had on me. I suppose rebellious is a lot like breaking free, find a difference, I dare you I double dare you mother fucker. As a result of all of this, relationships wore thin for a time between myself and the rest of the family [somewhat effected my relationship with the non-immediate family as well]. So, we argued a lot, and occasionally the argument will get blown way out of proportion. Before I get into this little story there is one thing you have to know about the old me. The old me was a ticking time bomb, he let things build up for years and years until finally something very stupid could set him off. To the story. Progress reports came in the mail during the eighth grade I think it was. I was just getting home and my Father was checking the mail, he opened it and noticed I had a D or an F in some class. I wore hats back in the day as well [this was long before the 'I am not much for haircuts' time]. My Father rolled the progress report up and hit the edge of my hat with it, and for some reason I can not explain to this day, I snapped. I remember maybe getting all 'It's go time' which caused my Dad to get all 'I have muscles, you dipshit.' He jumped on me, and a fight ensued. Not much of a fight though, it ended up with me storming away screaming obscenities, as always happened. Small things like that continued to happen, until one time I bruised him and he choked me. That fight started a chain of really bad times. Back to the seventh grade, as all of this was starting. I found comfort, and eventually got addicted to cutting, which was stupid on my part. Imagine the reaction my parents had when they got a phone call in the tenth grade from the guidence counselor saying that I was sent to her office by my Math teacher for being seen cutting in class. They were furious, a little concerned but more furious with me. This is the only time I think they would have been more relieved to hear 'your son was caught smoking,' or 'your son was caught dealing drugs, and he had a massive erection.' I was sent to a shrink, and the rest is heresay. The fact of the matter is [here is the part that ends like an episode of Full House] that things were able to change, dramatically. To the point where none of us can recall what compelled us to be so immature about these situations. We have all grown, and have learned to embrace what has happened to us. The message is, don't be fucking stupid. People throw their lives away for such mundane reasons, it's astonishing to believe I once considered killing myself. I once went to a funeral for a girl I didn't even know [though I heard from friends that she knew me] who had hung herself. All I can recall thinking throughout the service was 'that could have been me.' There is beauty to life, so basically don't give up, and don't be fucking stupid.

My life has been revolving around work, more work, with a little work sprinkled on for stress. Monday, Mother and I followed the bus from the Florence Mall Tank Bus Stop, to make sure that I wouldn't end up getting gang fucked in Vine Street or something. We ended up losing the bus, and never found out if that would happen. The next day, I took the plunge and decided to just get on the bus, and take it as it comes. Luckily, the bus ride was very easy, and only takes about an hour [Hooray for me, 'A fuckin' hour' for you]. I have to change buses once throughout the trip, which means I get to befriend two new people. Luckily, they smoke [another good reason to become a nicotine whore]. I got the chance to ask them both while they were smoking before continuing their route, "Want a smoking buddy [holds up cigarette and smiles like an idiot]?" Their reaction, both times "Yes I would." The first day I took the bus, I smoked three freaking cigarettes in an hour, it was great because it allowed me to become someone the driver will remember. This means, that's right, I can get the bus driver to drive me up to the front door of where I work. He asked me the first day, and I was all over that. Here are some Notes of Awesome that you can refer to whenever I mention these bus drivers in upcoming weeks/ years/ decades/ lifetimes. The first bus driver, when we followed behind her [Mother and myself], she ran three red lights within half an hour. When I first met her, she looked at my Dad who was asking her a shitload of questions, then afterward said, "I bet that gets annoying." She once said to me after someone got off the bus, "I hate him." My favorite though was this morning. I couldn't understand a single word she said, but when someone cut in front of her she muttered something long and I am guessing incredibly obscene, and that is awesome. The second bus driver, obviously likes to drive me right up to the door. He told me within the first five minutes of meeting, "This guy got all pissy for me just now for having to stop at a gas station to take a piss. I hope he calls it in, so I can piss everyday." That is a lot of piss in one sentence. He also today got to a red light and noticed no one was coming, and ran it. My favorite though, he somehow detached the alarm from the emergency window so he can open it to smoke from inside the bus, brilliant. These are my people, and I am blessed to know them now. On to other slightly less important topics. This week I decided to get all up on the energy drink thing. I get to work an hour early because of the bus schedule, thus giving me plenty of time to smoke, and wonder around the gas station. I have decided [since they have them seperated from the rest of the beverages] to drink at least one of every type of energy drink they have. They being the gas stations' supplies. As of right now I am only one my second day, but for the first I had Jolt Cola, and for the second I had Full Throttle. Both were really damn good, and I mentioned to the clerk at the counter my experiment, and she seemed incredibly and oddly excited about the whole thing. Which was a little motivating. Tomorrow I think I will go with a Red Bull, then the day after maybe get Lost.

I recently recorded a song that I wrote which is about nine minutes long. I have recorded the part of the main guitar for right now. I plan on making other parts, and layering them on top of each other. I want to put piano, another guitar and bass in there. If I had the ability to, I would like drums in there as well. For now though, the nine minute lone guitar part is fun to listen to. Also, as far as music goes. Kyle and I discussed yesterday about playing Open Mic Nights within the next week or so. We will start off just improving off of the Bossa Nova song, then in time developing more compositions, and playing [maybe] longer sets with more diversity so everyone can get excited and have enormous erections [if you can]. It is a very exciting time to be honest, I love the idea of playing in a bar for some reason, ever since we tried to put together that show for Scott High School a long time ago, playing live in front of an audience has seemed rather appealing. Also, along the lines of exciting [we are branching off in this paragraph to various subject matters], my next few paychecks should be more than enough to pay for a nice camera, which means we are one step closer to getting involved with Suicide Girls. I have permission from about six or so girls to shoot a set [to apply which doesn't require nudity], and if we both get accepted, continue shooting sets for them. That is very exciting, and I imagine no one will share that excitement with me except the girls. That doesn't really mean I care if people aren't excited, sorry that there are people who look better than you both clothed and nude. That was mean, but once again, I don't give a fuck. These people aren't "I'm so T3h S3x, take pictures of me so guys can wank off to it." They and myself see it as art, erotic art is not pr0n, and if you can pop one off to it, then you are fucking disgusting.

I believe it's about time to re-read this and fix the typos, because rest assured, they are shitty before I do this. Oh, be prepared for quite an update after this weekend is over.

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This update could go two ways depending on how I want to go about writing it. It could be really short, and I could barely mention anything about what has happened in the passed few days. Or I could make it really long and go into details. Seeing as how no one reads this journal, which was my full intention, I will go into detail so that way I can remember it one day when I read back on this post. If my journal mysteriously becomes often read by a mass population, then I would feel compelled to alter the entry. However, being in the running for most lethargic person around [next to The Dude], I will sit back and not worry about it. Also a good point to make, earlier today I noticed that it has been a really long time before I worried about anything. I have had more than enough right to worry considering some of the situations I have gotten into, but I find myself content [if not moreso than in regular day activity] in situations in which a person should probably piss themself and run home curl up in the corner and sob while watching Jersey Girl or something. I honestly don't care about my inability to care, because it has allowed me to do things I wouldn't have done had it of been the me a year ago presented with the option. I suppose, in growing up however much I have in the passed year, I developed a sense that allows me to be fine and easy going at all times. It's not usually looked upon with great respect in a location such as this, everyone here worries too damn much that they lock themselves away and forbid themself the freedom of mind. It's an insult to yourself to not experience everything that you can experience, I mean fuck we only live once, what the hell is stopping us from enjoying it? I decided a long time ago that my personal motto was, "If it's worth experiencing, then I will do just that." It has worked so far. I don't know why I needed to think up a motto though.

We left off at "Work, ghosts and I am a nice cigarette smoker." That night, Adam got home around five, I ended up reading a chapter of Code [Not the DaVinci one either] which was really interesting. I also found out, that another nickname I could have would be 'S.' Alright follow me here [Breaking off from the linear direction of this entry, oh well], my DefCon nickname is Ellipsis. What is an Ellipsis children? It can often be described as "those three dots, whatever the hell they mean." That is a bad answer but correct nonetheless. Now, three dots, what system of messaging was developed off of dots? Morse Code, when being written out on paper is made up of dots and dashes. There is only one letter that consists of three short clicks or dots. That would be the letter S. Now, wasn't that easy to follow? This is why the sign of distress is S.O.S., because and O is three dashes or long clicks. If you were to hold a flashlight up and click it on and off as though you were clicking with Morse Code you would click three times short, three times long, then three more times short. A short click is usually about a second long, a long click is usually about three. Remember Tom Hanks in Cast Away [yet again another movie where he urinates on camera] uses S.O.S. when he sees a ship in the distance. He manages to scream it as well if I remember correctly. But it didn't work, because then the movie would have ended and there's no fun in that. But, thanks to Code I came to that conclusion as well. I could be S if I wanted to. I won't push it, but it's interesting, and it made room for me to brag about learning more on Morse Code. Let's jump back on track. Lindsey came over shortly thereafter, and we went out to this pizza place. Adam and I discussed what to do about the first few days we get to Vegas since we are getting there a few days before DefCon. We may end up going to some of the shows, he mentioned one that sounded really interesting which involves people who move like lizards, obese women in fetish gear, and men on fire. After that we went back to his house I think and just sat around. The next was my first day of work officially. I woke up at around 5:45, ate a fudge poptart, and watched the news. Work basically consisted of me taking a sticker, putting it on a bag, putting that bag in a box, closing the box, putting a sticker on the box and taping the box closed. I did this from 7:30-6:00, and I get paid good money for this. The only complaint is, it's a bitch on your legs because standing in the same spot for so long hurts much worse than if you were walking for that long. I have also started learning a little spanish, just by standing around those eople all day. They have helped me out a lot with fitting in and getting used to everything. I am one of maybe fifteen, so it is a small group. Adam and I are the only ones who don't know spanish fluently I think. It is interesting though, being put in a situation like that where there can be two people speaking a foreign language on both sides of me. How should I react? Should I laugh when they laugh? What should I do? Then I just decide to keep working and occasionally grin when I understand a word that is dropped in the previous sentence. I'm sure one time I will laugh when someone mentions a loved one dying, in which case, I know how to say I don't speak spanish in spanish [who doesn't?]. I'd fit in better working with a bunch of French people I think, considering I took the language for two years, and still retain a decent amount of the structure of the language. Not to mention, French people are funny. So, the first day of work goes off without a problem [except the shitty RSSA program that kept spitting out 'Error' labels.], and I went back to Adams very tired. I can't recall what we did for the rest of the day. I remember listening to Loveline, and eating Fritos while drinking form a two liter of Pepsi and making techno beats with Adams old lightsaber toy. Then, another day of work. I woke up and showered this time. Watched the news again, got updates on the TI shooting, he wasn't shot but one person did die I think. Now there are rumors floating around that tonight there is going to be a revenge shooting by TI's possie here in Cincinnati. What a way to build the reputation, through riots and shootings. It's what makes a good city. Work consisted of the same thing, except I left at four to go back home and sleep in my own bed. I got home and played my guitar for a long long time, and have been doing so for most everyday I have been back. I purchased De-Loused In The Comatorium [The Mars Volta] today, and have been listening to it since. I had a burnt copy of the CD, but I enjoy the transitions between songs as opposed to a cut of a five second silence. My sister is at prom right now having a blast I am sure. I have been to three prosm, all of which I have gone to because the girl said so. I wish I had enjoyed myself better in High School, I was forever chained down by some beast. I am to blame for that though, considering I was their boyfriend, so obviously I had to choose to date them. Not that it was the best decision, but we have to make bad ones to know how to make good ones.

Onto a subject that I have been wanting to make mention of for a while now. Malice [whose journal I visit frequently, but don't comment on because I am not much for comments.] updated a while ago about how at random times, memories will just sneak up on you, sometimes memories you may have thought you have forgotten. It has been [so far] my favorite entry of hers, because of the truth behind it and how it talks so purely about things that people seem to refuse talking about just because it can present a lot of people with uncomfortable feelings. However, I was in the shower one day [thinking place], and I started remembering all these things from my childhood which I really believe could have been what caused all the dysfunction that came about in my high school years. I remembered times where my Mother grabbed my arms and pinned me up against a wall to yell at me, I remembered times when maybe my Father hit me or did something to me that gave me a bad feeling, I felt feelings that I had not felt in a long long time. Times in school that I spent under my desk in fear of being picked on by the other students, kids trying to fight me outside during recess. I can almost develop a list of events which caused me to be as isolated, quiet and numb as I was during those addiction years. It has been a long fucking time since I looked at my arms, and after a shower they are still very visible. I guess it was tough on me remembering all I did, but looking at it from another view it was the best thing for me. I am able to respect myself more now seeing what I have overcome, and who I am now. I should probably thank Malice, had it not of been for her entry I may never have thought of those things. So, thank you Malice.

That's probably a good way to end off another entry, so I will leave it at that.

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My Mother offered to drive me to Adams house last night which was a suprise considering she often refuses to leave the house after she gets home from work. I tell her I want to make a stop at Krogers to pick up some shampoo for myself, and she then says, "You should grab some food too. If you are staying there a few days it's polite to bring some food with you." So naturaly, being he self-concerned, ungenerous person that I am, I purchase enough food for me. A bag of Fritos, Pop-tarts and a two liter of Pepsi. Now, don't get me wrong if they ask to consume a certain portion of the food, I will gladly offer up a satisfactory amount of nurishment to them. Same goes for Cigarettes, I am a very generous smoker [I don't think I can be classified a smoker yet, give the nicotine time to get me addicted], as such I offer up 'fags' whenever I am in a group.

[Break off] Alright, Adams Mom just came in to the room and the conversation was going good until she mentioned the cigarette boxes. One being to my right [Marlboro Reds] and another by the door [Kamel Reds]. She said she was cool with the smoking, but what realy scared her was the papers that he has. I said, "Oh yeah he rolls cigarettes then offers them up to people, a real generous fella'." Generous had to of course be used, since I am so frequently using it in this entry. She then said this, "Oh, well that's good. I hope you're just rolling tabacco?" My strong, reassuring answer, "Yes." Heh. Good times.

[Back on track] So, we get to Adams house, after I make Mom wait in the car twenty minutes at Kroger. She doesn't like going to the grocery store in her pajama pants I guess. I get dropped off, and Mom has the pleasure of meeting my Mom number Three. Of course, Nicks Mom is number Two because it's Kathy and she takes care of me. I go upstairs, get greeted by Adam and Lindsey. We end up watching According to Jim, Scrubs and I think there was another one. Shortly after Scrubs, or something, it is almost ten o'clock. Adam and I are overcome with huger, and the only food we see fit to fulfill our needs begins with an M and ends with a cDonals. So, Lindsey drives us, I buy the meal because again, I am the generous shithead. Back to the Anderson Ferry parking lot we go [We park here because Adams driveway is a beast]. We eat, say goodbye and good luck to Lindsey, hugs and suggestive elbow taps later we are in Adams room. Suggestive elbow taps was a lie. I give Adam the body of a cell phone that he could use if he can find out what the unlock code is. Twenty minutes of Google searching, he finds it the cell phone works like a beaut now. Hooray for Josh being awesome. We go to bed, it was damn easy to fall asleep, I was assuming it would be hard considering what I was sleeping against. My first day of work, alone in the dark [I hate sleeping in the total dark], Adam slept downstairs, and three people have died here. But I fell aslep, and if a ghost totally explored my bowels in the middle of the night, I didn't notice. I woke up maybe twice, got ready for work and watched the news. Oh iteresting news story, there was a shoot out on the highway close to my house, the rapper T.I. was involved, and that was all I heard as of right now. I'll put a link up or something. We get to work, I sit there while everyone is all working hard ad being mexican [I love you guys]. The boss comes in, and makes me fill out an application then says I am not needed today. I walk back to Adams house, in my head thinking "I need to smoke and kill something." I get to his house, takes a few knocks to get Mom Three to open the door. I go up to Adams room number two [where we all hang out], and smoke and get online and do my thing. I finished reading Ghost World.

[Break off] The door totally just opened on its own. There are no windows open. Right on.

[Back on track] Now I am just a sitting heap of nicotine indulging teenage waste of space. What else to do in the mindset than update the ever so unread 'Joural El Complaintos.' Time for my creative sign off line.


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Good morning. Turns out my Cell phone alarm clock is messed up or something. That's alright though for today because it only allowed me to get more sleep. I was hoping to do a little cleaning though, as I will be gone for a few days. The basement needs to be vacuumed and dusted, but I guess I can get to that some other time.

I woke up in a really good headspace today. I am assuming its because I fell asleep at a decent hour [2:10 a.m.] while listening to Kaki King. Kaki always puts me in a really good mood. I had to stay up and watch all the late night television. I am about to give up on Conan though, I don't know why but for three weeks all of his shows have been repeats. It's pissing me off. Last night, Jack Black was on talking about King Kong. I thought it was funny how Jack Black mentioned a story about how he hurt his eyebrow in a movie he was shooting where he plays "a wrestler in mexico." As you have probably assumed, I just woke up, so there isn't much to talk about. I'll try to update again [for the mass amounts of people waiting impatiently for my next update] from Adams house if I get the chance.

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I was awake until about five ante meridiem [a.m. don't worry I had to look it up myself.] rolling around in bed trying to find comfort. If I had known the task would be so difficult, I would have just taken some medicine. However, I was already in bed and I didn't want a reason to get out of bed. So, I eventually fell asleep with my Cell phone alarm set to wake me at seven, because I was expecting a phone call from my hopeful employer telling me, "You got the job Mr. Cool." Putting my phone in the one place that got reception, I fell asleep confident all would work out just as I had planned it to. Alas, that fucking bad luck kicked in. Somehow, my alarm didn't go off [let's see if it will go off tonight instead, then it wouldn't be the machines fault, but the operators.], they did call twice within the nine to ten o'clock period. I woke up at one-thirty, with a message on my phone from Adam saying they have a job for me as soon as they can get a hold of me. Then another message [who I assume was] from the employer just hanging up. I hate those messages, so misleading. In the shower, that is where I think about things even though I have plenty of time to do it whenever I want. I decided to give the number a call back and essentially ask for the job. After the shower, in a towel [with dolphins on it, don't ask] I called them back and was hired on the spot. I start tomorrow, which means I am staying over at Adams tonight. That is the tale of my awesome employment as of an hour ago.

Feeling a lot better today though, I am just left now with a stuffy nose, and that gross feeling in the back of your throat. I am out of shampoo now though, which if you know me is a bad thing. Aside from these two events, my day literally just started so I will update again later.

Turns out, that they don't need me to start until Wednesday, so I ended up staying home. Got to see Brandi for a short time though, and she gave me reason to download Flash Player 8. Apparently that's what Myspace Videos run on. I got my Oprah fix today, it was a show about how we as Americans stuff our arteries with so much shit it should be a suprise that we aren't all incredibly obese. My thoughts on this, "We are getting close, so don't give up hope just yet." Obese people really tend to piss me off. Unless it's genetic, get off your ass and lose the weight you fucktard. Though my input is over-shadowed by 'all the chicks you've ever dated have been fat.' I know, thank you for reminding me. Here's a good question, why do you think they were all out of their fucking mind? Because they were fat! So, to put a stop to the continuation of said quote above, understand this, I was young and stupid, seeking a reason to not be alone and have someone to hold. Too bad, they were all fucking ugly in many ways.

Aside from that, there isn't much else to tell.
Goodnight nation.

[Edit] I swear I just saw a commercial where the guy from Jeepers Creepers plays a Macintosh computer while a random man in a suit plays a PC. There must be a better person than the Jeepers Creepers guy, c'mon Macintosh. I prefer Mac computers over Windows, but I don't think too much for a lot of Macintosh's other products. How they promote the product is kind of sad as well. That's all folks.

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